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Islamic banking and finance courses

“Our Aim is to provide you with innovative,
hand-on, professional education”
We offer Practical and comprehensive course in conventional and Islamic finance and banking that will provide students with the knowledge and understanding required for the modern banking and finance.

Flexible Courses for Employees
Our Courses are designed to fit with the needs of working professionals in order to accomplish postgraduate studies, at lesser cost, without having to leave their workplace.

Islamic Finance Diploma
Take the whole course in one go or individual modules to suit your requirements. 4 modules will gain you the Islamic Finance Foundation Certificate (IFFC) .
All 8 modules to gain your Islamic Finance Diploma.

The MBA courses are suitable for working students who are able to take three weeks off work every semester. MBA studies and lectures should be completed within twelve months for any academic year, plus a further six months for the dissertation. Teaching will be delivered via lecture, online projects, and coursework – online class discussions will take place during the term with the tutors and other students.

The courses run in collaboration between Academy UK and Al-Azhar University “Egypt” Toutors,(MBA/MA accreditation with UK Universities “application pending”).

Located at the centre of international finance as well as the Islamic finance hub in the Western region, you will receive world-class education from one of the leading academic institutions in this cutting-edge industry.

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Islamic Finance Foundation Certificate (IFFC)
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Islamic Finance Diploma (IFD)
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MBA Islamic Banking and Finance
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