Newcommer in AcademyUK

January 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Academy UK is a recognised educational institution. It is a UK registered establishment located at the heart of London and it provides a comprehensive service to students from all over the globe. We work alongside many reputable Universities, colleges and schools throughout the UK and are in a position to offer a variety of entry options.

For applicants who wish to enter UK Universities, but do not have a recognised qualification, we are able to offer admissions subject to certain criteria. For those applicants who do not meet these criteria, we facilitate short-term pre-university programmes such as foundation and access courses to meet entry requirements into UK universities.

In line with study programmes, we are able to introduce opportunities to students, researchers and academics to acquire scholarships, grants, post-doctorates, fellowships as well as financial aid. Some scholarships are available for students who apply through Academy UK.