Dr Aly Khorshid

Dr Aly Khorshid has been involved with Islamic financial institutions for over two decades and has comprehensive skills in and knowledge of Islamic finance. He is a recognised expert on Shariah-compliant finance, within the Islamic law, Islamic Muamalat, and Islamic contracts. He has extensive consultancy experience in the department of Islamic Finance at Elite Horizon Economic Consultancy, most of it focused on economics, finance, Islamic capital market products, alternative finance, structuring, endorsing and advising on Shariah-compliant products with particular experience in capital and stock market products.
Dr Khorshid has served as a consultant at the highest level of banking and has been instrumental in establishing Islamic banking and corporate governance policies at national level. He has worked on structuring Islamic home purchase schemes. He is an expert in waqf (trust), family trusts, and inheritance in accordance with Islamic principles and is experienced in conducting comprehensive due-diligences on financial institutions to identify potential investment opportunities.
Dr Khorshid started his career in international marketing and trade. His first Shariah board membership was with Bank Al-Baraka (the first Islamic bank in the UK). He served as a Shariah board member in selected Islamic institutions. He is a board member with Excellencia Capital Luxemburg.
Dr Khorshid has a PhD in Islamic studies and economics from the University of Leeds (UK), he studied fiqh and Shariah at Al-Azhar University (Egypt), and has a Masters degree in management (UK). His publications include Islamic Insurance: a modern approach to Islamic banking, the Encyclopaedia of Islamic Finance, Dictionary of Islamic Finance 2011, and the forthcoming Corporate Governance of Islamic Finance (expected in 2012). He has also contributed to numerous other publications including Islamic Wealth Management: a catalyst for global change and innovation and Islamic Investment Banking: emerging trends, developments and opportunities. He has also had many articles published on Islamic finance.
Dr Khorshid is a trustee member of Academy UK, a member of the Institute of Management Consultancy (UK), a visiting fellow in ICMA Henley’s Business School, University of Reading, UK, and a former visiting lecturer at El-Azhar University, Egypt.
Recent books Publications includes: Islamic Insurance “with modern Approach to Islamic Banking”(2004), Rutledge Publication, Encyclopaedia of Islamic Finance, Euromoney Publication 2009, General Editor, Dictionary of Islamic Finance, Euromoney Publications, September 2011, Corporate Governance in Islamic Banks, John Wiley & Sons publication expected May2012
Dr Khorshid was nominated for the King Faisal International Prize in 2006 and also nominated for the Mubarak Prize on Islamic Studies in 2010. He is a regular speaker on Islamic finance issues at conferences and on TV. He can be reached on: aly@academyuk.org.