Aly Biography

Dr Aly Khorshid “Bio”
Director of Islamic Studies, AcademyUK
Islamic Finance Scholar & Shariah Consultant

Dr Khorshid has been involved with financial institutions for over 2 decades with comprehensive skills and knowledge in Islamic finance; He is recognised expert on Shariah compliant finance, within the Islamic law, Islamic moamlat, and Islamic contracts.

Dr Khorshid is partner and CEO of Islamic finance with Elite Horizon economic consultancy, Structuring, Endorsing and advising on Shariah complaint products with particular experience in Capital and stock market products. Dr Khorshid served as Consultant to central bank on establishing Islamic banking system within the Central bank regulatory policies and corporate governance. He is active member in structuring Islamic home purchase scheme; Waqf “Trust” family trusts inheritance in accordance to Islamic principals, and Islamic capital market products. He is experienced in conduct comprehensive Due-diligences on financial institutions to identify potential investment opportunities.

Dr Khorshid started his carrier with international marketing and trade; His first Shariah board member was with bank Al-Baraka (The first Islamic bank in the UK), His roles include dealing with the U.K treasury and Bank of England departments in relation to the regulatory of Islamic banking issues. He is now serving as Shari’ah board member in several Islamic institutions.

Dr Khorshid has PhD on Islamic studies and economics from the University of Leeds (UK), studied Fiqh and Shariah at Al-Azhar University (Egypt), Master degree in managements (UK). His Publications includes, Islamic Insurance “A modern Approach to Islamic Banking”, and the Encyclopaedia of Islamic finance, He also has many articles published on Islamic finance.

Dr Khorshid is a trustee member of Academy UK, member of the institute of management consultancy (UK), and visiting lecturer in El-Azhar University ”Egypt”, and ICMA Henley’s Business School, University of Reading UK, on Islamic finance. He is a regular speaker on Islamic finance issues at conferences and TV.

Recent Publications
1. Books
a. Islamic Insurance “with modern Approach to Islamic Banking”(2004), Rutledge Publication
b. Encyclopaedia of Islamic Finance, Euromoney Publication 2009, General Editor
c. Dictionary of Islamic Finance, Euromoney Publications, September 2011

d. Corporate Governance in Islamic Banks, John Wiley & Sons publication expected May2012

2. Joint books
a. Islamic Retail Banking and Finance: Islamic investment, published by Euromoney PLC, Publication March 2009
b. Islamic Investment Banking: Opportunities and Challenges faced by Islamic Banks in the UK market, Euromoney Publication 2010
c. Islamic Investment Banking: Emerging Trends Developments and Opportunities, Euromoney books, 2010

3. Recent Papers and articles:
• Islamic banks exposed to property risk, April 2008
• Liquidity management in the Sukuk secondary market, May 2208
• Islamic Finance a Global Alternative And Socially Responsible Investment, July 2008
• Transparency, Transparency and Transparency, Can we learn from the Islamic system and avoid credit crunch, August 2008
• Islamic finance principle explained, July 2008
• Lessons from the 1932-3 deportation and the recent financial crisis, Nov 2008
• Can We Learn From the Islamic Financial System to Escape the Credit Crunch?
 November 2008
• Managing Risk: Understanding Derivatives Within Islamic Finance, Dec 2008
• Time to clarify opaque systems, Islamic banking and finance, December-January 2009
• Tolerating challenges in Risk Managements, Islamic banking and finance, October-November 2008
• Hedge funds have shown frailties in their structures that have contributed to the alleged massive fraud by major Wall Street player Bernard Madoff, March 2009
• Ibn Khaldun, Father of economics Philosopher, research paper presented published in Islamic banking and Finance, Feb 2010
• Human right in Islam between theory and Practice, research paper presented for President Husni Mubarak prize for Islamic studies, March 2010
• Adding social responsibility and accountability to the mandate of Shariah advisory boards, paper presented to, Law school Harvard University, March 2010
• A New order, the Shari’ah hierarchy needs overhauling if Islamic finance to offer a genuine alternative to conventional finance, June 2010
• The Need for a new Breed of Scholars, Cover story, Business Islamica, October 2010
• How Islamic Finance can close the credibility gap, The Bankers FT, December 2010
• How compatible are Islamic financial principals with global finance today? 2011
• The Islamic economic policy post Credit crunch, 2011
• Global Financial Crisis and its effect on Islamic Finance, International Journal on GSTF business review, October 2011, Volume 1, No 2

3. Books to be published
a. Corporate Governance in Islamic banking and finance “Due October 2012”